WAMC, first time applicant

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Mar 25, 2021
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Hi everyone, I am a first time applicant from California. I graduated in 2020 and I currently work at a biotech start up because I was trying to decide if I like research more, but I definitely am more interested in veterinary school. I am more interested in exotics/ maybe going into disease research later on? I have a small amount of veterinary experience, but I just got a volunteer position at a local hospital to add more hours. I'm kinda thinking about just applying to a lot of schools in hopes that I get into at least one. Any thoughts/advice is much appreciated!

Cumulative GPA: 3.29
science GPA: 3.22
last 45: 3.73

Graduated in 2020 with a degree in biology

GRE results:
157/153/4.0 (I know a lot of schools don't require anymore, just thought I would put in case)

Veterinary Experience:
-~150 hours at a small animal hospital

Animal Experience:
-300 hours as an animal care intern at a local zoo
-150 hours doing research on chytrid fungus on frogs at same zoo

Research Experience:
-150 hours doing behavioral research on sun bears at same zoo
-Working as a research associate studying Parkinson's disease

-dean's list x4 my last 4 semesters
-college lacrosse team captain

-played D3 lacrosse
-member of sorority
-member of pre-health students association

-childcare for a summer
-veterinary assistant
-research associate


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May 16, 2016
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My biggest advice to you would be to apply smartly. Applying is costly and not doing your research before hand can cost you. IMO I would rather apply smartly and not get in and take a gap year than apply expansively and not get in or get into a school I was not sold on attending. The VIN website and AAVMC are great places to start for narrowing down your choices. Especially because some parts of your GPA may hold you back for certain schools' criteria. Otherwise just keep racking up hours animal, vet& research and get some diverse experience if you can especially vet wise!


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Dec 6, 2017
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Definitely gain more experiences including diverse ones if you can (ie specialty, ER, equine, wildlife, lab animal). You can include in your total number of hours for an experience your expected hours you will gain from that experience past the VMCAS app deadline so that can be helpful. If you can retake classes that you did poorly in to bring up your GPA that would be good.