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Feb 6, 2019
  1. Pre-Veterinary
    South Carolina resident, 20 years old, 1st time traditional applicant

    Applying to:
    UGA (contract seat opportunity),Mississippi State (contract seat opportunity), NC State, Purdue, Auburn, PennVet, Virginia-Maryland, Tennessee, Lincoln Memorial, Ohio State, Michigan State, +/- Illinois

    Cumulative GPA: 3.79
    Science GPA: Have not calculated yet (I know each school calculates it differently, right? Does VMCAS calculate this?)
    Degree: Bachelors of Science in Animal and Veterinary Sciences with Pre-Veterinary and Sciences Concentration and a minor in Biological Sciences (graduation in December of 2021)

    GRE: Taking online July 10th (only required by UGA)
    CASPER: Taking July 18th (for 4 schools)

    Courses I am taking next semester (fall 2021):
    Domestic Animal Behavior
    Medical Terminology and Communication (for VA-MD)
    Cell Biology (for Auburn)
    Animal Physiology
    My research project (4th semester as a research team leader)
    Teaching Assistant for Animal Health course (2nd semester as a TA)

    Veterinary Hours:
    Veterinary Assistant at Small Animal Hospital: 1,045 hours
    Relief Veterinary Assistant at AAHA Accredited Small Animal Hospital: 88 hours
    Intern at Small and Large Animal Mobile Clinic: 37 hours
    Intern at Large Animal and Equine Clinic (mainly equine, cattle, and sheep): 30 hours
    Exam Room Nurse at AAHA Accredited Small Animal Hospital: 250 (will be 550-600 at the time of application)

    * I have a 2 and a half week long internship at a very large equine practice (end of June through beginning of July). I will be living on the property and assisting with all farm calls, observe surgeries, etc. I estimate this will be about 200 hours at the time of application*

    Letters of Recommendation:
    1. Professor that taught me general chemistry 1, organic chemistry 1 and 2 and is my current research mentor/professor (I have known him since fall 2018)
    2. PhD scientist that founded the non-profit rabbit rescue that I volunteer for and have been heavily involved with (I have known her since spring 2019)
    3. Veterinarian that works at the current clinic that I am an exam room nurse at (I will have worked with her for 3 months and approximately 500 hours at the time of application) - attended UGA CVM
    4. Another veterinarian that works at the current clinic that I am an exam room nurse at (I will have worked with her for 3 months and approximately 500 hours at the time of application) - attended University of Tennessee CVM

    Animal Hours:
    Equine (riding lessons, leasing, showing, teaching lessons, etc.): 3,000 hours
    Pet Sitting (cats, dogs, horses, cattle): 500 hours
    Intro to Animal Science Lab (course at college- basic husbandry of sheep, dairy cattle, beef cattle, swine, horses): 20 hours
    Livestock Exhibition Techniques Course (course at college- went to farm weekly to care for pigs and learn basic husbandry): 50 hours
    Volunteer at non-profit rabbit rescue (domestic rabbit rescue volunteer/caretaker): 115 hours
    Volunteer at wildlife rescue (bottle feed baby raccoons, administer 100 distemper vaccines to rescued raccoons): 20 hours

    Veterinary Pseudoscience and Pet Care Misconceptions Creative Inquiry Research Project (Team Leader): 400 hours
    I created this project independently with my organic chemistry professor based on my own hypothesis, research, and study design. My project combines my interest in small animal veterinary medicine with my passion for high quality client education. My research project investigates a potential correlation between specific characteristics of pet owners and their level of education regarding select veterinary topics based on my original hypothesis. This was achieved by creating two surveys (one for cat owners and one for dog owners) each containing approximately 30 true/false statements about a variety of veterinary topics. The list of true/false statements was created based on my experience as a veterinary assistant at a small animal hospital and extensive research. I collaborated with two veterinarians that I worked with to review and edit my survey for several months. After receiving approval from both veterinarians, the survey was sent to and approved by my college's IRB. Following its approval, the survey was distributed to the public via social media websites. After receiving a targeted number of responses for each survey, data collection was stopped and p-values and Pearson correlation coefficients were obtained. Following data analysis, I presented my abstract, hypothesis, results, and conclusions at my college's annual research poster forum with my mentor. Recently, my mentor and I have recruited two additional undergraduate students from the animal science department to participate in future research projects for the Fall 2021 semester. Our team plans to conduct research regarding the public’s perception of companion animal nutrition as well as animal agriculture and emerging agricultural biotechnologies.

    Waitress/Deli Counter Employee: 750 hours
    Babysitter: 320hours
    Tutor: 47 hours

    Achievements and Awards:
    South Carolina Life Scholarship (2018-2021 - entire undergraduate career)
    John C. Shelley Memorial Scholarship (2019-2020- departmental scholarship)
    Albin S. Johnson Memorial Scholarship (2020-2021- departmental scholarship)
    Gaston End Program Scholarship (2021-2022 - departmental scholarship)
    Dean's List (5 semesters)
    President's List (1 semester)
    American Red Cross CPR/AED Certified
    American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid Certified
    Human Subjects Protections Course Certified (for research project)

    High School FFA Secretary (1 year)
    High School FFA Vice President (1 year)
    IHSA Equestrian Team Show Member (2 years)
    IHSA Equestrian Team Treasurer (1 year)
    Women in Animal and Vet Sciences Living Learning Community Member (1 year)
    Pre-Veterinary Club Member (2 years)

    Any feedback/opinions/advice are SO appreciated!! :)
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