WAMC - Low GPA, 3rd time applicant

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Feb 1, 2024
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Hello! I was hoping to get some advice for applying to vet school for my 3rd cycle. My GPA isn’t the greatest in the cumulative and science sense. My absolute dream is to become a veterinarian and I just am so confused on what else I can do to help. I am not sure where I am going to apply this cycle, my dream school is Davis although I know it’s unlikely with my gpa.

I’m 24, F, CA resident.

Cumulative GPA: 3.1
science GPA: 3.06
last 45: 4.0

Any degrees achieved: B.S. in Animal Science from UC Davis.

GRE results: did not take

Veterinary Experience:

- ~2000 hours small animal experience
- ~15 hours large animal experience

Animal Experience:
- ~500 hours experience large animal volunteer at private farm
- ~500 hours small animal volunteer at shelter

Research Experience: none


- honor roll x2 2020

- vet aide club senior year at Davis
- science club at community college for a semester

- small animal tech at vet hospital ~1000 hrs
- vet assistant at small local clinic ~1000 hrs
- non-animal work as a babysitter, receptionist, filer

My graduating GPA was around 2.96 but since graduating I have taken some cc science classes while working full time and volunteering. With these classes from a cc, my last 45 is now 4.0 but my other GPA’s have only gone up to 3.06(sci) and 3.1(cum). Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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What is your pre-req gpa?

If your recent classes have boosted your pre-req gpa significantly as compared to your science gpa that could be a big help as there are schools that more heavily weight last 45 gpa and pre-req gpa.