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WAMC: Low Science GPA


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Sep 15, 2012
  1. Attending Physician
    You could receive interviews at some MD schools if you apply broadly. I suggest all these schools:
    All 4 SUNY's
    New York Medical College
    Seton Hall
    Penn State
    George Washington
    Eastern Virginia
    Virginia Commonwealth
    Oakland Beaumont
    Western Michigan
    Medical College Wisconsin
    Rosalind Franklin
    St. Louis
    California University (new school)
    Also apply to at least 6 DO schools and you are competitive for all DO schools.
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    Jan 24, 2014
    1. Pre-Medical
      Thank you so much for your advice @Faha. I really hope with some stroke of luck I can make it into one of these schools.

      What DO schools would you recommend? I have not done much research on them and am not familiar.
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      Jun 11, 2010
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      1. Non-Student
        Hello everyone! I am applying this current cycle and quite scared about my chances. I was wondering if anyone could potentially offer any insight. Due to the large discrepancy between my Science GPA and Cumulative GPA I am not sure if I should even bother applying to MD schools.

        Brief Background:
        I have done well on all of my prerequistes for medical school, obtaining grades that range from A-/A for the majority of the courses. The large decline in my science GPA comes from upper-division science courses that I took while in my last year and half of college. I had significant familial issues arise which included the deterioration of a parent's health in which I had to help take care of them. This resulted in me commuting between home and school which caused alot of psychological stress. This is not an excuse for my poor grades; yet it provides insight onto how I coped with the issues. My PS indicates this as well as growth from my experience and how I have managed to deal with these issues significantly better so that issues like this do not transpire again.

        I apologize if this is a lot to read but I hope you guys can provide me with the best of luck and any schools that would be willing to give me a shot!
        Declining sGPA trend and poor choice making and 2x MCAT taker (although with significant improvement.)
        The bolded above telegraphs poor coping mechanisms/lack of resiliency. No essay explaining things will make up for all this.

        I am worried that the sGPA will hinder you significantly. I agree with Faha that your chances are best with the SUNYs for MD. Also, apply broadly to DO, but also apply to an SMP, or start taking some post-bac coursework and show which TripleHBK is the real you.

        @gonnif, @HomeSkool, @gyngyn, what say you???
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        Sep 13, 2013
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        1. Attending Physician
          I agree. OP, what your GPA says to me is "able to perform well but not in science," which is a real problem if you want to go into an applied science profession. Success in an SMP would go a long way toward assuaging that concern. I echo @Faha and @Goro's advice that you apply broadly, and I'd include as many DO schools as possible.
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