WAMC: Nontrad, cGPA 3.81/sGPA 3.9, MCAT 515 ORM

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Feb 3, 2023
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  1. cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS
    • cGPA 3.81, sGPA 3.9
  2. MCAT score(s) and breakdown
    • 515 (127/130/128/130)
  3. State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US)
    • PA
  4. Ethnicity and/or race
    • ORM/White
  5. Undergraduate institution or category
    • tiny, no rank liberal arts college
  6. Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer)
    • Volunteer: Hospital ED volunteer 520h
    • Paid: EMT 600h
  7. Research experience and productivity
    • none
  8. Shadowing experience and specialties represented
    • 80h mix of Emergency Med, General Surgery/Trauma Surgery, Cardiology
  9. Non-clinical volunteering
    • 820h
  10. Other extracurricular activities (including athletics, military service, gap year activities, leadership, teaching, etc)
    • I have 4 teaching/tutoring activities for over 3k hours, and 3 arts activities with leadership that span like 10+ years.
  11. Relevant honors or awards
    • Dean's list for every semester I was in school, and an academic merit scholarship at both universities I attended. Magna for BA, Graduate with Distinction for MFA
  12. Anything else not listed you think might be important
    • I hold a Master's degree in English Composition/Creative Writing and I did most of my prerequisite courses at a local community college. My GPA breakdowns are 3.75 for undergrad, 3.9 for master's, 4.0 for CC postbacc
I designed my OG school list with a 513 in mind, so it's:

High Reach: Michigan, Pitt
Reach: Cincinnati, Hackensack Meridian, Rochester
High Target: Thomas Jefferson, Penn State, Geisinger (I am in-region), Temple, Drexel, Rosalind Franklin, Georgetown
Low Target: Vermont, GWU, Medical College of Wisconsin, Albany, Rush, Wake Forest, Marshall University

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You should receive several interviews from your list. You could add any of these schools:
New York Medical College
Western Michigan
USF Morsani
St. Louis
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Please provide details of what you did, especially within the last 2 years.

How many years since your MFA?

I did a bunch of data processing for an archival nonprofit & volunteered for Planned Parenthood (door knocking, GOTV, youth outreach, that kind of thing).

Graduated from my MFA in 2020! I did 2 years teaching overseas then taught college composition.
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