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Mar 26, 2019
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I’m a pre-med student with ~2 years remaining in undergraduate school. I am open to taking gap years. I do believe that as an instate student my GPA is competitive, but I know that I will need to get a competitive MCAT score to really help me get into school. I am open to either DO/MD, but would really like to get into Carver College of Medicine (Iowa) due to being a resident, legacy, and financial reasons. My volunteering hours will continue to rise as I am just a second year student, what can I do to help improve my resume/clinical experiences/chance of getting into school. What are my chances of getting into medical school (DO/MD) if I keep my GPA up, do decently on the MCAT, and do a few more things for my resume? What schools do you recommend applying to?

Cumulative GPA: 3.70 Science GPA: 3.67 Exercise Science
MCAT: Not Taken
State of Residence: Iowa
Ethnicity and/or race: Jewish White Female
Undergraduate Institution: University of Iowa
Clinical Experience:
~ 40 hours of volunteering at University of Iowa Hospitals (continuing to do so)
~ 30 hours of volunteering at private hospital (continuing to do so)
Research experience:
~ 200-250 hours (estimated) in nephrology lab
Shadow experience:
~ 30 hours of anesthesia, obgyn, and orthopedic surgeon
Non-clinical volunteering:
Solo volunteering in orphanages in Uganda: 80 hours
Volunteer at Rape Victim Advocacy Program (beginning in August)
Volunteer at abortion clinic (beginning in August)
Other extracurriculars:
Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Lead (Lead personal trainer of 40) at University Campus Gym
Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification
Performance Exercise Specialist Certification
Chemistry Tutor
Hawkeye Ally (rape advocate within dormitories)
CPR/AED Certification
Iowa Women’s Leadership Conference nominee
Health Promotion Club
Principles of Chemistry Teaching Assistant
Recording secretary for Honors Fraternity
Study abroad semester at University of Auckland

Relevant Honors or Awards:
Dean list every semester but one (on campus assault made for a difficult time)
Honors College
Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity

What I think is important:
My dad is an anesthesiologist that went to the University of Iowa College of Medicine (renamed as Carver College of Medicine) in the 90s. I would like to go to Carver College of Medicine
One of my clients as a personal trainer just retired as dean of Carver COM, so I am banking on getting a LOR from him.
To be expected: some type of internship with cardiac rehabilitation ward in hospital, along with an internship with olympic strength and conditioning through the University of Iowa

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Oct 13, 2018
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I think the general consensus is that it's hard to gauge your changes without the MCAT since that's a standardized test score. I also think that others might agree with me that you shouldn't focus on trying to put all your hopes into one school, despite your connections there; rather, apply broadly, since only 40% of applicants get into ANY US MD school. Other than that, I'm in the same year and major as you, and you have a lot more on your plate than I do at the moment so I think you're on a really good path to setting yourself up for acceptance!

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Sep 20, 2015
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Get more volunteering (clinical and nonclinical). The abortion volunteering might be controversial. Ideally you'd have 200 hours of US clinical and nonclinical volunteering, and primary care shadowing. For your state schools, you'd need a 510+ to be competitive. For mid-tiers, a 514+, and for top tier schools a 520 or better. Good luck!