WAMC School List gpa 3.8+ MCAT 508

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May 10, 2018
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Hey there everyone, hope you all are staying safe! Just was hoping to get a bit of feedback on my ECs for this cycle as well as helping me finalize my school list. I know my MCAT is mediocre and my clinical hours are not as extensive but I feel I do have some unique experiences and even with my limited hours I have a lot of stories I can share. Any advice is welcome!

Background: ORM who graduated from college in 2019 taking 2 gap years and applying for the 2021 Medical School Cycle (applying June 2020). Applying both MD and DO programs.

Major: Honors in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Material Science and Engineering from the University of Connecticut

Country/state of residence – Connecticut

Cumulative GPA - 3.851 (upward trend)

Science GPA - 3.72

· 502 (126/124/127/125) Jan 2019
· 508 (128/123/130/127) Aug 2019


· Undergraduate Research: 1000+ Hours with an honors thesis within a hybrid PnB/Material Science lab studying the use of various polymeric structures for biomedical imaging and drug delivery purposes; Second Author publication being submitted in May/June.

· Pharmaceutical Internship: 440 hours spent during a Summer Internship studying various drug candidates and improving protein synthesis within various cell cultures with a poster presentation to all of the R&D group of the campus.

· Senior Design Project: 300+ Hours spent on a Senior Design Project revolving around the design of a biodegradable clavicle fixation plate for broken mid-shaft clavicle fractures. Project involved working with cadaveric clavicles for testing and modeling of fixation plate designs. Project was given an Honorable Mention at Senior Design Demo Day.

Volunteering (clinical)

· ~120 Hours conducting Clinical Research with Yale Neurology faculty with a focus on therapies improving Parkinson Patient outcomes. Responsibilities included evaluating motor functions through physical scales, helping run fMRI scripts, explaining the study and fMRI to patients, programming/running a dexterity script, developing a lab website, administering a series of apathy and cognitive tests; Abstract publication achieved.

· 50 hours working with the Kidney Disease Screening and Prevention club working with medical professionals from UCH to bring Kidney Screenings to local areas to educate and conduct preliminary screenings. Role focused on taking medical history, blood glucose, measuring BMI and coordinating participants through the screening.

· (Idk if this Is clinical or general volunteering) 10 Days spent in India conducting a global health study on the awareness and education of cardiovascular disease within school aged children with medical professionals from Tufts and Calcutta Medical College. Over 2 years I raised money, visited 20+ schools across Western Bengal, presented about CVD with a team of American and Indian doctors both in English and the native tongue, conducted data analysis after the trip; Presented on our research at the AHA EPI Lifestyle Conference in Phoenix this past March with our abstract being published.

· TBD: Patient Aide at Yale New Haven Hospital. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak I haven't been able to start, but am planning on volunteering throughout the next year once volunteers are allowed.

Physician shadowing

· 20 Hours Radiation Oncology with a MD
· 18 Hours Family and Addiction Medicine with a DO (No LOR)
· Future - 10 Hours Robotic Surgery with a MD

Non-clinical volunteering
· +120 Hours Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteer
· +100 Hours serving as an all purpose volunteer for various cultural organizations, serving food to guests, cleaning up, teaching children, etc.

Leadership/Work Experience

· Vice President of UConn Genetic Engineering Team – Focused on project development, new member recruitment and organizing daily meetings with the team.

· Spending my 2 gap years as a Test Engineer at Medtronic working on a surgical robotic system focusing on performance, electrical, software and hardware testing while also help developing tests to recreate clinical scenarios. I also lead Software Verification at our campus working and coordinating with multiple system component teams to validate software and give feedback to get the system ready for the market. I’ve worked with software, quality, design and clinical engineers alike helping with system trouble shooting and explaining how the system functions. I am also in charge of helping onboard new hires and getting them acclimated to the system, the team and performance testing alike.

Extracurricular activities

· Writing Short Stories
· Soccer/Ultimate/Flag Football with friends
· Classical Singing/Drama with a Cultural Group
· Learning to play piano

Immediate family members in medicine? Uncle is a doctor in the Indian Military

Specialty of interest - Nephrology, Cardiology, Oncology, Family Medicine


· BCP: Biochemistry Faculty

· BCP: Organic Chemistry Faculty

· Non-BCP: Tissue Engineering/UConn Health Faculty

· Research: Dept. Head of Physiology and Neurology

· Clinical: Clinician and Assistant Professor at Yale Neurology

· Character: Hospitalist and Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Tufts/Manager from Medtronic

Preliminary School List


- University of Connecticut

- University of Vermont

- Tufts

- Albany

- New York Medical College

- Medical College of Wisconsin

- Quinnipiac University

- Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine

- Rowan University

- Rutgers

- Carle Illinois School of Medicine

- Rosalind Franklin University

- Geisenger Commonwealth School of Medicine

- Albany Medical College

- Penn State College of Medicine

- Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

- Temple

- Drexel


- Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine

- Campbell University

- Nova Southeastern University

- Rowan University

- University of New England

- Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine

- Des Moines University

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Oct 14, 2011
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1) Internships are not the same as research.
2) Clinical research (Yale) is research.
3) India experience is general volunteering and community service/education with some research included. Not sure it counts as clinical exposure.

Your 508 should carry you through some MD's on your list, and you should always apply to your in-state option. You obviously should apply DO as well, so it's good you thought that through. I'm only concerned about the amount of shadowing hours you have on record.


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Sep 15, 2012
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Rowan and Rutgers accept few non residents with your MCAT and no connection to the state. You could add these MD schools:
Seton Hall
George Washington