MD & DO WAMC/School List Help? URM, Texas Resident

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Jan 24, 2024
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Applying this upcoming cycle.

URM (Black)Texas Resident
GPA: 3.5, MCAT: 505 (low stats I know) B.S. in Kinesiology/Health with minor in Bio from public UT school.

Clinical experience:
ER Scribe-1800 hours (2 years)
ER Tech-2000 hrs+ (current, will probably have 3000+ by the time I apply)

1 summer, 150 hours (LOR from PI) No posters or pubs

300 hours youth soccer coach (leadership)
20 hours reading partner during pandemic (tutor)
10 hours as patient transporter for pts needing Covid vaccines

LOR: 1 science professor, 1 from PI, 2 from ER MDs who I’ve known for years at this point will all be compiled into a school committee letter

Of note: One of my letter writers is on the board of my local med school and he says I have awesome ECs and have shown I love medicine. However my gpa and MCAT will make it hard to get into his school as Texas MD schools are stat heavy.

Will apply to every MD and DO school in Texas. Really hoping I have a shot at DO. Not sure where to apply OOS as I’ve heard TX residents are not favored. Any advice?

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I would include all the HBCU MD schools. Network with SNMA chapters at all of the schools you are interested in.

Your non-clinical volunteering is a little light. Activities with fewer than 50 hours gets disregarded easily, so if you have some service orientation activity (150 hours by submission) like food distribution, transportation services, shelter volunteer, housing rehabilitation, and job/tax preparation, that will help your application from getting screened out at most schools.
Apply to all your Texas MD and DO schools and you should receive several interviews. For AMCAS schools you could try these:
Charles Drew