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Jun 3, 2024
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I just got my MCAT score back and i'm in shambles.

WAMC for Texas MD schools as ORM - Asian (resident). I really would not prefer DO. No gap years.

3.92 CGPA

508 МСАТ

500+ Hours Hospital Volunteer (Direct PT Care, 250 in ER (MME) and 250 in pediatrics)

144 Hours Ambulance Cadet volunteering with EMTs on ambulance, BP, vitals, etc. (basically uncertified EMT volunteer)
• EMT Course Completed (planing on taking NREMT this summer and finding work)

96 Hours Clinic Internship in India while visiting family

80 Hours Shadowing: (50 Neonatologist, 30 Virtual Family Med)

462 Hours Non Clinical hours at Children's Special Needs Camp over all summers (MME)

80 Hours serving free food at temple (long term)

24 Hours volunteering with campus org that builds crates with medical supplies to ship to countries in need (long-term)

1400 Research Hours:

1 Publication (2nd author) about a machine learning model I helped to code which is used to evaluate pediatric mortality risk, model uses information obtained at scene (GCS, BP, location of injury, etc.) to predict mortality risk on a scale of 0-1 to assist with triage (validated at 97%+ accuracy), I helped with study design, coding, manuscript writing, etc. In the optional essay, I wrote about how seeing a kid pass away after being mis-triaged at the ER I was volunteering at drove me to help with the triage process using modern technological methods (machine learning).

1 Publication (3rd author) about the differences in mortality rates for pediatric patients transported via ambulance vs via helicopter using data from over 750K patients (fun fact: there is no significant difference).

1 First Author Publication in progress (submitted), this is relating to the same model discussed above with more improvements in discriminatory ability with increased accuracy and sensitivity/specificity, making it the most accurate model to date (this research is something that greatly interests me and I can talk forever about). (MME)

1 Poster on HIV Malignancies and implications in children (won Magna Cum Laude at RNSA which was awarded to 20/1450+ presentations, under 2%).

Good LORS (4 total: 2 from science professors, 1 from machine learning Pl, 1 from RNSA PI)

Good Essays (IMO) highlighting how much application is focused around a pediatric theme

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Apply to all your Texas TMDSAS schools and you should receive interviews. OOS MD schools interview few Texas residents since they know from years of experience that Texas applicants will attend a Texas schools. For AMCAS schools you could try TCU, Tulane and Belmont.
Apply to all the TMDSAS schools. Include TCOM because they are an excellent DO school and will like your 508 MCAT.
Your MCAT score is nothing to cry about
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