WAMC/ Texas resident 512/3.79; School list & App advice

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Dec 13, 2023
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  1. cGPA: 3.79 sGPA: 3.75
  2. 512 (129, 129, 126, 128)
  3. State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US)
    1. Texas
  4. Ethnicity and/or race
    1. White, Hispanic
  5. Undergraduate institution or category
    1. Private in MA
  6. Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer)
    1. 1,200 hours Medical Assistant Orthopedics
    2. 700 hours Nursing Assistant in ED
    3. 500 hour Medical Assistant ENT private practice
    4. 36 hours volunteer EMT at marathon
    5. 24 hours volunteer EMT at regatta
  7. Research experience and productivity
    1. 200 hours Research Assistant Psychology lab
  8. Shadowing experience and specialties represented
    1. (hours not doubled from work experience)
    2. 120 hours Orthopedics
    3. 100 hours ENT
    4. 40 hours FM
  9. Non-clinical volunteering
    1. 200 hours Local Theater Ushering
  10. Other extracurricular activities (including athletics, military service, gap year activities, leadership, teaching, etc)
    1. University Theater Group - 2,700 hours; Vice President
    2. Residential Assistant - 1,200 hours
    3. Teaching Assistant for Theater class - 200 hours
    4. Student Film Acting - 200 hours
  11. Relevant honors or awards
    1. Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) Scholar
    2. Residential Assistant Newcomer of the Year
    3. Dean’s list all semesters
School List:
  • All TMDSAS schools
  • Frist (Belmont), Colorado, Emory, Indiana, Kansas, Miami, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Penn State, Quinnipiac, Rutgers (NJ), Rutgers (RWJ), Tufts, USC, UCLA, UCSD, Vermont
Looking for advice on the school list and how it should change as a Texas resident whether that be to add/drop. Also for how I can improve my app before the 24-25 cycle.

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Non-clinical volunteering
  1. 200 hours Local Theater Ushering
Hey! I did that in undergrad too! Back when we frisked people for cell phones (no magnetometers). Wore buttons saying "no cell phones or cameras". The head usher wore a sheriff's badge. Literally counted ticket stubs. Times have changed.

Unfortunately you need community service that addresses the needs of those in severe distress (food banks, housing rehabilitation, shelter work, job/tax preparation, transportation services). Do you have anything in this bucket?

Where in Texas did you grow up?
UCSD and Rutgers aren't super friendly to OOS. Tufts has a low yield - their adcom has admitted that they don't even read all their applications because they get so many applications, but you did your undergrad in the state, so maybe they will look favorably on that. I'm unfamiliar with how OOS-friendly some state schools you listed, like Colorado, Oklahoma, Penn State, Kansas, and Indiana, are. Still, if their class comprises less than 30-40% OOS students, I wouldn't bother applying unless you have a connection to that state. I would add schools like UMASS, Maryland, and Dartmouth, which are more OOS-friendly. UMASS may not be super OOS friendly, but my partner and I both got interviews there after attending college in Mass and being Texas residents.

I think the central weak point in your application is your lack of non-clinical volunteering, as pointed out by @Mr.Smile12. Also, if you happen to be from the border, you'll have an excellent chance of getting interviews at UTRGV and PLFSOM. Also, if you are from the border, I would keep UCSD on your school list since it is in a border town, and you can explain why that is important to you.

Overall, I think you will do well within Texas and will likely get a couple of interviews, if not more. Being a Texas resident counts against you negatively when applying out of state due to the increased likelihood that you will end up in IS.
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OOS MD schools interview few Texas residents since they know from years of experience that Texas applicants will attend a Texas schools. For AMCAS schools you could try TCU, Tulane, UMass and Tufts.