Feb 18, 2021
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Currently I am considering my next steps for applying to medical school either this cycle or the next. My cGPA is 3.65, sGPA is 3.60 and my latest MCAT score is a 511 (129, 126, 129, 127). I have already applied to medical school for the past two years, both unsuccessful in obtaining an interview. I will say my first attempt at applying to medical school was more to gauge where I was standing and I was able to retake the MCAT and get a better score (504 to 511). This last year I definitely made the mistake in not applying to any DO programs and having a relatively small list of schools. Should I decide to go an apply for this cycle, I will be applying to mostly DO programs. I know that my application lacks a few things. To perfect my application I would look to get shadowing hours from a doctor, include more volunteer hours, and add an additional letter of recommendation from a physician. Since my gap year started it has been difficult for me to get any of these experiences and I have been focusing much of my time in gaining clinical hours as an EMT (40+ hours per week). It worries me that I was not able to accomplish these things for the upcoming application this year but I thought I would try to see what others thought before I made any hard decisions on what to do.

Here's the rest of my application info:

State of Residence: IL

Mixed- Filipino, White

Degree: BA in Biochemistry, Graduated May 2020 from Indiana University Bloomington

LORs: 1 Science Professor, 1 from research professor, 1 non-science course professor (all IU Bloomington Faculty)


ER Hospital Shadowing Volunteer- 24 total hours

Phi Delta Epsilon PreMedical Fraternity- Volunteer/ Philanthropy Experience (roughly 32 hours)

ER Hospital Volunteer- Roughly 18 hours

Lab Assistant (Non research)- Paid, part time about 400 cumulative hours

Materials Chemistry Research Lab- 3.5 years experience, listed author on published paper, presented poster presentations for University held events, includes full time research in summer between terms. I was awarded multiple scholarships/grants for this research through university and department funding.

IU Mens Club Volleyball- 4 years- Player, Captain, Executive Board Member

Practice Player for D1 Women's Volleyball- Volunteer experience, about 140 total hours

EMT for private ambulance company- (Not included in last years application, but sent updates as I continued to gain more experience) Over 1000 hours for full time paid employment. This has been a clinical experience, not just an ambulance driver.

I plan on doing a full overhaul on my application from last year if I apply again this year. Any advice or recommendations are appreciated and I will try to respond to any questions as they come up.

Sep 15, 2012
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I suggest these DO schools with your stats:
PCOM (all schools)
LECOM (all schools)
VCOM (all schools except Monroe)
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Jul 14, 2005
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Your ECs are really weak. If that’s what you have now , what did you have the first time you applied? Your stats are okay. But there is nothing on your application that even hints at your desire to be a doctor. Since you have gone through two MD cycles with no interviews I don’t think you should reapply in the upcoming cycle. You might want to think seriously about taking a couple of gap years to build a competitive application. You need clinical experience(paid or volunteer)with face to face patient contact(200+hours) , 50 hours of physician shadowing including hours with a primary care doc and 200+ hours of nonclinical volunteering with a focus on serving the unserved/underserved in your community. If you manage to get the basic activities, you would increase your chances for interviews even at some MD schools.
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