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WAMC/What Do I Need on MCAT?


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Jul 25, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
3.83cGPA, 3.76sGPA, no MCAT yet-taking in end of June

- Health Education
- Fine arts certificate

- 4 years undergrad - basic science/micro skills (bacteriophage research)
----- Poster presentation @ undergrad symposium
- 1 year post grad (current experience) - clinical research coordinator (clinical skills/autoimmune diseases)
----- authorship on book chapter

Clinical Experience:
- 2.5 years (current experience) - medical assistant (internal medicine)
----- leadership (hiring, training), clinical skills (phlebotomy, assisting in various procedures, vitals, etc.)

- hospital volunteer for 1 semester
- arts in medicine volunteer for 1 semester
----- led workshops in ceramics

- anatomical art paintings/sculptures

Any idea if there's a ballpark of MCAT scores that'll be necessary for me to have a successful application? I've scored 504 on two practice exams now, but I'm assuming that's not high enough to make me competitive.

If there are schools that jump out at anyone, feel free to list those too.



Full Member
2+ Year Member
Jun 28, 2019
  1. Medical Student
State of residence? School goals? Specialty interests? URM status?

It is really hard to give any school list without an MCAT score, but at this point you just want to score as high as possible. If you end up scoring a 500-507 as a white/asian applicant then I would just apply to DO schools. With a 508-512 (and ORM status), you should apply broadly to both MD and DO programs. With a 513+, you will be competitive at most schools and applying DO would not really be necessary.
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