WAMC - What do you think my chances are and school list advice?

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Apr 24, 2024
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I am planning on applying this cycle and would appreciate any advice on where I should apply. My stats are as follows:
519 MCAT Score (131/127/131/130)
3.85 science GPA/3.87 cumulative. T25 undergrad with an upward trend
4000+ hours biomolecular research (0 pubs, 1 poster)
800 completed, 2000+ projected clinical hours as an EMT
150 hours shadowing (Orthopedic surgeon + Internist)
160+ completed, 350+ projected non-clinical community service hours
100+ hours of tutoring in precalculus
NC resident.
I think my biggest red flags are that I graduated 3 years ago and most of my shadowing is 5 years old, but I am open to any other criticisms/suggestions.

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Can you follow the template and give more details? Highlight the specific activities you have taken on since you graduated.
Also please detail within each bucket (clinical, non-clinical) what activities you did and for how many hours!