Oct 20, 2020
Can someone please comment on my school list given my stats? Dunno if this is allowed, but i’ll try anyway~ My school’s pre-med advisor is not very helpful lol

non-trad student (26); currently finishing a MS in Biochem; two undergrad degrees - BS in Chem and BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences

UGPA: 3.7; SGPA: 3.5
Sharp upward trend (postbac/2nd degree GPA): 3.98, sGPA: 4.00
Masters GPA: 3.94

MCAT (taken once): 515 (130/125/130/130)

500 hrs non-clinical volunteering over two summers : HIV counselor in the Philippines
100+ hrs and counting paid clinical work as a MA at a PM&R office; I also shadow the physician most of the time (so i already have 40+ hrs shadowing) it’s hard to find more shadowing opps at the moment but I will aim to shadow an anesthesiologist, ENT, and a neurosurgeon
50 hrs clinical volunteering at the VA Hospital here in NYC; cut short due to COVID, dunno when I can do this again given cases are on the rise again
Over 7 years of On and Off tutoring BOTH paid and unpaid, also mentored most of my students thru their college applications and SAT prep
2500 hrs +++ research hours; 2 undergrad theses, 1 poster, 1 conference
4 upcoming pubs in Neurosurgery journals; no first author but 2nd and 3rd authorships

My school list:
Albert Einstein COM
Weill Cornell Medical College
SUNY Downstate
SUNY Upstate at Buffalo
SUNY Upstate at Syracuse
Mt Sinai Icahn School of Medicine
Hofstra Donald and Barbara Zucker SOM
Stony Brook University
New York University Long Island (Surgery track)
University of Pittsburgh
Drexel University
University of Connecticut
Thomas Jefferson University

btw I’m a NY resident, ORM, but identify as economically-disadvantaged. I can def add more schools to the list (up to 20) since I am a FAP recipient, but I am trying to stay within the North East US since my support system is here. Thank you so much!!!
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Sep 15, 2012
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You have a good list and should receive several interviews. UConn admits few non residents with no connection to the state. You could add any of these schools:
New York Medical College
Seton Hall
George Washington

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