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Sep 17, 2008
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If you know you want to do FS before starting training in your eventual specialty(FP, OB, Psych), what is the best way to go about it? If you matched for internship at JAX or pensicola FP would you be allowed to go at the end of that year (if selected for FS)? Or would it be safer to try to match in a spot where you are highly unlikely to ever be picked up for straight through training?


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Apr 16, 2005
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Match wherever you want, you just don't want a straight-through contract. Also be careful with some of the specialites because if they eventually go to everyone straight through (they won't) and you are out in GMO land you could be stuck without a place to go.

Another thing you can do to basically guarantee yourself a FS slot is to do a fourth year rotation in flight surgey down at NAMI in Pensacola. They will ship you off to work with the clinic at Whiting Field and you'll probably get at least one flight in both aircraft while there as well. Right now they are hurting for flight surgeons, so not that important, but I did see a few of my fellow interns who wanted FS not get selected; however, all of those who did a flight surgery rotation were selected.
Mar 19, 2010
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I have a question that maybe someone could help me with. Does USAF except residents from civil programs to do flight surgeon/GMO. What are the qualifications. Somewhere I read on FlightLines newsletter that about 10-15% of FS have completed their internship, Step 3 and have a state medical license and join the military to 1. have a different experience, 2. service to the US, 3. In transition between specialties. So I call the recruiter and he says that I have to have completed a residency program (residency trained) before I can sign up for FS. Then he said that he could offer the FAP instead. That's not what I want. I would ideally like to join the AF and do 2-3 yrs as FS or GMO and then enter back into residency. I expressed my interest in RAM and he said that I had to also have completed a residency in FP before I can do that. However, the requirements are 1. PGY-1 2. FS experience 2 years 3. 1 year MPH and then complete program. Can anybody give me a relatively straightforward answer? I am confused. I call and I am excited about a potentially new and exciting experience and the recruiter seemed like I was wasting his time. :confused: