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Jul 14, 2006
some place warm :)
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Does anyone have any information or comments about the radiation oncology program at Wayne State? I was looking up programs in the Midwest and hadn't heard much about this program.



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Aug 25, 2004
Regarding the WSU program, the old reviews are old. There has been much change in the past 3-4 years. Most of the changes are to the better. Karmanos Cancer Institute (Of which Radiation Oncology is a part off), separated from DMC officially in December of 2005. This has many advantages, as Karmanos is a NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. There continues to be much politics, but for the residents this is a good time to be there. The Lectures are scheduled, Journal clubs are structured. The residents in the area are great. Residents from 3 out of the 4 other programs in michigan almost always get together in one or the other institution when there is a well known guest lecturer. More on teaching below, but overally everything is more like an apprenticeship. 1:1 resident to attending.

Brand new Resident rooms, with their own "offices". =) Tomotherapy. Neutron. Gamma knife, their own Children's hospital. A few satellites, so it gives an idea of the private practice. Weisberg Center is a beautiful satellite (20-25 miles from detroit). Bigger names at WSU/Karmanos: Forman, Turissi, and of course Joiner. Great Radiobio teaching, physics teaching has improved. The staff are always teaching. Ancillary staff including the nurses have greatly improved. The environment is less stressful. They are inner city, so you will see cancers that almost always are locally advanced, very very interesting pathologies. Brachy is improving. Currently little to no head and neck brachy, lots of gyn, and mammosite HDR, Lung is obviously good. Weak points would definately be brachy, but it is improving. I think if you're thinking brachy beaumont will be a better place in michigan. However this Academically, and pathology, patient volume wise, its a great place to be.

Overally as Karmanos builds there own OR, and the new building in the upcoming year, the facilities will improve a great deal. The financial burden of being under DMC has been removed. Academically it is still on the way up. A few attendings consistently publish, others don't, most residents publish. Overally I think the residents and staff are more laid back, and the learning is not spoon fed. The volume that they see is huge, so most of it is hands on learning.

People say that downside is detroit. I think being in detroit is the upside. Most residents live in the suburbs, and drive down. Almost everybody goes out in detroit. The night life is excellent. Past 5 years there has been a construction and renovation boom in the D (perhaps secondary to the superbowl) in any cases, there are amazing lofts by the river, and the medical campus.

Residents placement : Last year 1:fellowship MSKCC brachy, 2:priv P. 3:Army PP, year before, 1:academic, and 1:pP, year before 1:academic, 1:private practice.

Nuff said.
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