Wayne State vs Western Michigan vs George Washington (WL)

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Aug 4, 2023
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Hi all, would greatly appreciate some insight! I haven't heard much about any school and would love to know more students' opinions! I'm most interested in acute care specialties like EM, surgery, anesthesiology, pulm/neuro critical care, etc. All three schools have about the same tuition (~70k), cost of living, pass/fail grading, and a near 99% match rate. My top factors are:
1. a patient-centered curriculum
2. a supportive school community (faculty and students).
3. community service opportunities

Wayne State (Detroit, MI)
Pros: #1 & #3! Convenient/cheap to fly home to my family. Great hospital system for clerkship years. I like NFL and NBA.
Cons: I've heard conflicting opinions on #2. It's cold (I hate the cold). Huge class size of about 300.

Western Michigan (Kalamazoo, MI)
Pros: #2! Decompressed curriculum with a week off after every 5 week long block which can be used to do longitudinal research, elective, or free time (but no summer). I like college football.
Cons: Unsure about #1 or #3. It's cold and there is a lot of snow (I hate the cold). Not close to any major airport, inconvenient and expensive to fly anywhere. Far from my family.

George Washington (Washington, DC)
Pros: #3! Close to my family. The highest-ranked school out of the three. I get to work for the community that I grew up in.
Cons: I've heard conflicting opinions on #1 & #2. Waitlist movement takes place in late April & May, leaving me with little time to figure out housing/moving plans. I heard that GW gives out mostly WL and little R's, so my A chances may be low. Could potentially be placed in the regional campus (Sinai Hospital in Baltimore) and I heard not good things about there. It's kinda cold (I hate the cold).

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So you haven't been accepted to any of these?
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I think for the reasons you listed above, WS is the better option. Also WS matches a little better in terms of specialty.

WS - 22 / 271 (8%)
WM - 8 / 76 (10%)

WS - 13 / 271 (4.7%)
WM - 2 / 76 (2.6%)

WS - 21 / 271 (8%)
WM - 3 / 76 (4%)

WS - 6 / 271 (2%)
WM - 1 / 76 (1.3%)
Wayne State College of Medicine faces challenges with its central hospital partnerships and, in the past, has been at risk of accreditation probation, and the loss of partnerships leads students to seek, leading students to seek rotations at community systems. The grading system at Wayne may differ; I am unsure if it is a true pass/fail system. The institution has lost its Henry Ford and DMC partnerships, significant entities in Detroit. While Wayne may have a research edge, these losses affect opportunities for rotations and potential matches in the Detroit area. Overall, Wayne is a great institution and matches very well, but some of these things are definitely to be taken into consideration
Between Wayne and Western Michigan, I would choose Wayne. But go to GW if I got off the wait list.