Wayne State vs. Western Michigan

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Which school?

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May 3, 2024
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Western Michigan
  • Full tuition scholarship !!!
  • Small class size (84-89)
  • Decompressed curriculum ( 1 week off a month can possible help with stress
  • 1.5 preclinical years
  • Newer facilities
  • True p/f
  • Lower COL
  • Admin seems to care about students
  • Quizzes every week to check progress
  • Weekly practice tests to prepare for STEP

  • Not as established (but seems to be doing pretty good)
  • --
OTHER: cadaver based prosecution anatomy

Wayne State
  • Urban setting with diverse patient population
  • Higher ranked (?)
  • Partners with DMC and Henry Ford
  • 1.5 year curriculum
  • P/F with chance for honors based on standard deviation
  • More established
  • Quizzes every week to check progress
  • Both in house and NBME

  • Large class size (300+) but we get separated into houses which makes it better
  • Internal ranking
  • Possible issues with admin (haven’t experienced any. Everything has been very smooth so far)
  • Higher COL
OTHER: Dissection anatomy (seems like it’s better for understanding);
Not sure how matching data compares between the both but I believe both are good even for competitive specialties. I’m currently looking to do anesthesiology

Summary: These were my top two and I am blessed to be in this position. I was initially set on Wayne State because I’ve heard great things about it and the tuition was significantly cheaper than WMed (~68K). The scholarship has now lead me to reconsider. Please help! And if there’s anything I’m missing that I should consider, please lmk. Thanks in advance.

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Disclaimer: Accepted and committed to WSU

Congrats on the As! Admittedly, I don't know much about Western Michigan. Ngl though, I think that full tuition is pretty hard to turn down. Wayne State 100% is more established and "higher ranked" but it's not like it's a crazy T20 research powerhouse or nationally renowned. If you're super interested in surgical subspecialties or ROAD specialties, it mighttttt be worth considering Wayne since they presumably have more connections. But honestly, it sounds like you like Western Michigan anyways and they gave you great financial aid. Seems like an easy decision to me.
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Western easy. A Wayne state acceptance would not warrant leaving a full tuition scholarship on the table. Also nowadays MSU CHM is more of a partner to Henry ford than Wayne Med.
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