Well-known vs well-respected letter writer

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May 24, 2013
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Should I use a letter from a big-ish name who may not be well liked or respected at the program I am applying to?

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I would think a letter from a lesser known, but well-respected person like Tygra or Panthro, would be a good idea. Someone like Mumm-Ra, while "big-ish" is not well respected.

Jaga gives you the best of both worlds.
Wow. I really want to make a thunder cats reference, but I cant take away from Gfunk on this one. Enfuego.
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I hear they are making a movie, Michael Bay directing so this will either be great or terrible. Either way I'm hoping they get Megan Fox to play Cheetara.
For a truly standout letter I would go with Snarf.
For a truly standout letter I would go with Snarf.

Really? A letter from no doubt the most polarizing member of the community? Personally I agree with you but there is a lot of potential for backfire there.

I know we shouldn't make votes for who in the field could be Mumm ra, but Im curious who would get the most votes for Lion o. Any takers?