Went to get 4 teeth pulled...I'm missing 5 teeth!

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Oct 6, 2007
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Actually, this happened to my friend.

She was getting all 4 wisdom teeth pull out, but the dentist actually pulled out an extra molar. The dentist said that that molar had depended on the wisdom tooth, and since the wisdom tooth was taken out, that molar "inevitably" came out. Has anyone heard of a situation like this? I didn't know this was possible. Is this dentist telling the truth, or is he trying to avoid a lawsuit?

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Isn't the dentist legally suppose to tell the patient everything he is going to be doing to them?
Before any treatment begins, a dentist is supposed to get written consent from a patient agreeing to the proposed treatment. Most likely, your friend didn't understand the situation before the procedure commenced or she explained it to you wrong. It's hard to say without looking in the patients mouth and radiographs. Having said that, I'm going to close this thread as I don't want any comments posted to be misconstrued as medical advice. Your friend should consult her dentist, or get a second opinion about her case. :)
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