West Virginia PT Applications

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May 4, 2017
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I'm nearly ready to apply to PT schools in West Virginia (WVU, Marshall, Wheeling Jesuit). Does anyone have any experience with these schools as to what they're looking for on an application?

My stats:
Cum GPA: 3.62
Prereq GPA: 3.2
GRE: V-162 Q-148 Writing-5.0
Hours: 120 split between Outpatient, Acute care, skilled nursing, private practice, and sports performance.

I'll have both physics courses in progress at time of application. I'll also be listing a few years of teaching experience in high school as an experience.

In general, will having in-progress prereqs be held against me in the application review even if the school says you're allowed to?

Any general opinions on the three schools in WV?