Western U interview Nov 5th.

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Dec 6, 2008
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Anyone interviewing at Western U on November 5th also. I found a bunch of people on predents that are. I am staying with a friend in SD and am wondering if I should drive up the night before or just drive up the morning of. Any advice? Also where you are staying, blah blah

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I'd say definitely drive up the night before..745am comes quickly. I stayed in Ontario and it was about 15 minutes away.
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If you have the extra cash, stay the night before. If not, then drive up. But take the toll roads as there's less traffic on them.
Looks like you got the same date as me... I got free lodging in downtown LA but I may stay somewhere in inland empire the night before. If you do make sure you vehicle is secure, mine got stolen a few years back out there.
I also have an interview that day! I would recommend driving up the night before. You'd probably be coming up the 5 or 15 freeway from San Diego and they both suck. You don't want to risk being late because of construction (more likely on weekends) or an accident.

I live about 10 minutes away, so lucky me :) Good luck to everyone
I have same date as you guys.

I am in the airport, now. so excited
See you all tomorrow....all in the morning group, that is.