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what are my chances at this postbac?

Discussion in 'Nontraditional Students' started by airwolfrocks999, May 10, 2008.

  1. airwolfrocks999

    2+ Year Member

    Jun 1, 2007
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    Hello again. I've posted here before regarding a similiar thread. For those that don't recall or know, I'm currently a dentist who wants to go to medical school ( US allopathic only ) really badly.

    My stats are concisely:
    BS degree at UW-Madison, 2.9 gpa
    DDS from New York University, 2.8 gpa
    currently in a general dentistry residency at an Ivy League medical center ( name undisclosed for privacy purposes ), due to be completed in one month

    I have some specific questions:
    1) Would Georgetown's SMP or Drexel's postbac program suit me? Can anyone recommend me a good postbac for someone in my circumstances?

    2) What MINIMUM MCAT score should I be trying to attain? ( assuming that I apply with my CURRENT stats )

    3) I intend to be single for the rest of my life. I can live anywhere. What US state is best for me to establish residency?

    4) Suppose I work as a clinical instructor in dentistry at a university that has a medical school. Would this help me noticeably?

    Honest and detailed feedback would be appreciated.
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  3. nontrdgsbuiucmd

    2+ Year Member

    Mar 28, 2008
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    Medical Student
    Regardless of MCAT, GPA will likely be a major issue at a number of schools, take a look at the current (just went on sale) MSAR at GPA statistics for accepted students' GPAs at the 10%/90% level to see what GPA/MCAT scores are competitive. I learned the hard way on how schools really look at this; I'm a reapplicant due primarily to 1 low (6) MCAT section (overall GPA/Science GPA/other 3 MCAT sections were at or above averages for most schools' matriculants, personal statement & LORs strong per a number of schools, ECs were old, however). Takeaway is that schools that have to screen out 3/4 of 5,000 applicants often take a first glance based only on gpa/MCAT.

    I'd heard some Post bacc schools (Loyola I believe?) require a certain GPA/MCAT score to qualify, depending on what this score is, a few undergraduate courses may be required before enrolling/applying to a post-bacc to get your GPA up to the required level.

    Suggestion would be to look at how many courses would be needed to pull GPA up a bit.. again I'd look at the MSAR printed data, then look at what your GPA would be if you pulled a 3.75 or so on post-bacc courses.

    State schools would be the easiest to get into if you were to relocate, I'd take a look at Illinois, Southern Illinois University is only open to IL residents, UIC is one of the largest med schools in the country & takes around 70% in-state, Rush & Rosalind Franklin (from what I've seen on in-state versus out-of-state applicants & matriculants) tend toward in-state students also. Northwestern & U of Chicago are a bit tougher, residency would hold less pull there. Good luck!

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