What are my chances for matching into general surgery ?

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Mar 21, 2014
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In need of Advice. I am a 3rd year US medical student. I REALLY want to do general surgery. I am an average student. My stats are: pass/high pass my 1st and 2nd year courses and Passed all the clerckships so far. Step 1 214, have not taken step 2 yet but studying really hard for it. I did some research, no puplications. I really do not care where I get in , as long as it is a decent program. Your honest opinions and reasoning is GREATELY appreciated.



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Same boat... 3rd year. US med school. 222 step 1 hoping for way more step 2 (will not cram just for the last month and have significantly improved studying). Killing (in a good way) rotations now. Interested in GS, EM, IM. Rural/community programs ONLY - academic hospitals just aren't my thing.