Oct 17, 2014
Pre-Physical Therapy
Yes Yes I know, I posted this on the GPA's, GRE's, XTRA's, etc. thread, but the SDN forum seems a little inactive atm.

University: CSU Fullerton (Fall 2010 – Spring 2014)
Major: BS in Biology, concentration: Cell and Developmental
Overall GPA: 3.52
Pre-req 3.6 (depending)
GRE: Verb 152 | Quant 154 | AW 4.5 (only studied for 4 weeks, Test day I woke up at 7am -couldn’t sleep- when my test was scheduled for 1:30pm)

Extracurric – Student Health Professions club member throughout undergrad (typical community volunteering events), intermural basketball, Deans list student, Finish in 4 program, Pink Ribbon (breast cancer) club member [while the club lasted], Ecology and Biodiversity Research lab for 1 year analyzing various avian species /data collection (assisted Grad Students)

Volunteer: in the process of acquiring intern position at UCI PT dept, requires 100hrs minimum (plan on going way beyond 100), currently waiting for reply back from other clinics, and continuously searching for more opportunities.

Take Notice: I only discovered physical therapy this past year, after I took a few kinesiology activity classes and met some kines students who were aspiring to become PT’s. After much thought and research about the field, I am deeply interested in everything about PT.

Obviously I am taking a year off to get as many volunteer hours as I can, and hopefully acquiring a PT aide position in the near future.

I am not applying until the next cycle opens in summer 2015, and during that process I would be continuing to gain hours. Also, I can easily attain 3 solid LORs.

What are my chances of getting into PT school, I’m applying to all Cali schools (not sure about USC though I’d probably be wasting money applying there), and only a couple out of state. Any thoughts and or suggestion?