What are my chances with my stats? 2023-2034 cycle WSSU

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Jun 14, 2023
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Hi! I am currently applying to DPT school this cycle 2023-2024 and I am really nervous about getting rejected! My top school is WSSU one for the diversity aspect and affordability. If someone has any advice or any tips in regards to help my application please let me know. I worked throughout college to maintain as well as work full time after graduating while retaking my C classes and the GRE. Which I didn’t do great on compared to the average students accepted to the school. I currently work as an exercise physiologist through the hospital and get so much experience with so many different backgrounds of people but it does count as observation hours. I’m not sure how to highlight that thoughout my application. Stats are below

cGPa: 3.1
pGPA: 3.3
observation hours: 65 in two different settings outpatient and pediatrics
GRE: v 142 q 143 w 3.5
Over 100+ volunteering community services
Eboard position in undergraduate
Research experience with DPT program at my undergrad
Over 2 + year’s experience in fitness and wellness and education
Pilates instructor

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