What are my options?

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Apr 30, 2016
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I come from a highly disadvantaged background, and I'm rebuilding my science GPA as I speak. Nevertheless, I assumed that I need to complete a SMP to show my competence for a medical education due to my lackluster GPA (reasons for bad GPA isn't school related). However, the only masters program that I can afford is NC State's Masters in Physiology, but I can't be admitted because they use the GPA at graduation, not the new GPA. All of these other programs' tuition is above $20.5k, which is the max annual amount given to grad students and I have no one to cosign for me to get a Grad Plus Loan. Moreover, after this year, I'll be out of undergrad financial aid (I'm completing my remaining prereqs). Ultimately, I feel it's logical to consider being an IMG now, because $40.5k is given to medical students and I can fund my education with that. Otherwise, I'll be struggling to pay out of pocket to raise my science GPA even higher by retaking/taking addition science courses to be considered by osteopathic medical schools. Any thoughts, other than telling me medicine isn't for me? Also, time is of the essence, which is why I'm not leaning towards DO.
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