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  1. G

    How do I spin my "voluntourism"?

    Long story short, I did 2.5 years at a university thinking I wanted to go to medical school but due to a lack of study skills, motivation, depression, etc. I did not have the highest GPA. Realizing that I really needed to reevaluate my priorities I took a semester (which turned into 2 years) off...
  2. Future Dr. Juice

    Chances of getting into postbacc?

    Hi everyone, I am new to SDN and I am looking for help in regards to my chances of getting into a career changer post-bacc program. I have one semester left in undergrad and I will be graduating this December, 2020. I am a psychology major at an HBCU with a current cumulative GPA of a 3.43, I...
  3. lemonxlime

    Graduated 5 years ago and deciding to retake courses. Need help!

    Hi All, I currently work full-time and am trying to take a couple courses before applying to medical school. I graduated from undergrad in 2015z Prior to graduating, I received As and Bs in all of my bio and chemistry courses. Physics was the only course I received a C in. Though I took...
  4. N

    Post-Bacc Courseload?

    I plan to take a DIY post-bacc and I am only missing the prerequisites for medical school. I am wondering what my course load should be? I am planning to take biology, general chem, physics, organic chem, and english. Obviously, general chem is a prequisite for organic chem so I cannot take...
  5. SprinkleSerotonin

    HELP with explaining and remedying a low GPA from EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES

    Hey guys, so I'm in a pickle in terms of how exactly to go about writing my personal statement to help ADCOMs understand the truly uniquely horrible experience I had in college that severely impaired my GPA. I'll try and keep this short with just enough details to paint yall a picture of my...
  6. M

    Advice on timeline and feasibility

    Hi everyone, I would like some advice/opinion on my plan for doing a post bacc. A little background info: I am a 22 year old female working full time as software engineer for a little over a year. I have a BS in Computer Science with a cGPA of 3.67 and sGPA of 3.17. My GPA trend (in order...
  7. P

    Questions for the older folks!

    Hey there, Non-trad incoming SPT here with 5 logistical questions mostly for the older folks on this board, but I welcome anyone to chime in. I'll list the questions below with some context, but I don't want to bore you with minutia. I'm 28 and will be packing up my house to attend UTEP, where...
  8. A


  9. D

    Am I giving myself enough time to study for the MCAT? (non-trad Q)

    Hey all Hoping for some advice from seasoned vets around here, especially those who are/were non-trad applicants or can give good advice for folks who are. I'm trying to decide when to take the MCAT and, concomitantly, how to formulate a study plan. A little about me, objective facts/stats...
  10. W

    Canadian Degree but US Citizen

  11. N

    Non Traditional Pre-dental engineer looking for friendly advice!

    Hey guys! Would love to hear some feedback on what y'all think about my timeline. A little background- I graduated in 2015 with a BS in petroleum Engineering and worked for 2 years in oil and gas. Quit my job in the summer of 2017- had no idea what I wanted to do with my life when I quit, but I...
  12. Suess

    Path to Medical School

    Hello all! I am looking for some feedback on my plan to get into medical school. All comments welcomed and appreciated. Background: I graduated May 2017 with two non-science majors, cGPA=3.49. My senior year I realized that I wanted to pursue medicine, but it was too late to take any prereqs...
  13. KiddCo

    What Holes to Fix before Applying?

    I graduated back in 2013 with a double major in Biology and Neuroscience. BCPM: 3.50 Cumulative: 3.65 I decided I wanted to take a few years off before going into medical school. I wanted to try working in a lab and experiencing the work force as a non doctor. I ended up working in a large...
  14. P

    What MCAT do I need?

    29 yr old nontrad here. It's been a ride so far but I managed a 4.0 since deciding on the switch into medicine. I'm taking my time before sitting for the MCAT and am enjoying the review process. I'm curious for comment on what minimum MCAT adcoms would need to see to corroborate my turnaround...
  15. queenki

    [info] expiration date for old pre requisite classes for non traditional

    Hi all, I just wanted to contribute my 2 cents here. I am a non traditional. When I first started looking up infos here, there were not much information about how old the pre requisites can be. Some, or most people, say no more than 3-5 years old, which means, you either have to apply right out...
  16. M

    Any NC Non-Trads?

    Hello all, Are there any non-trads here in NC? How were you able to balance full-time work and complete pre-med requirements? I work as a clinical research coordinator by day (can be anywhere between 7am-5pm M-F). I only have time to take courses in the evening, but that seems almost impossible...
  17. W

    Elementary Education BS - 3.97 GPA

    Hello! Let me give you my back story. I started at a community college. I graduated with my AA degree in Elementary Education and transferred to the University of Central Florida where I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my BS in Elementary Education. My cumulative GPA was a 3.97. I'll be working...
  18. C

    Grad entry to UK MBBS

  19. theITcrowd

    Courses "labelled" as English

    Hi all, When fulfilling English requirements for med school, how important is it that courses be "officially labelled" as English courses? Many of my classes in undergrad were writing intensive and in the humanities, including religion, history, and poli sci, and my undergrad also required us...
  20. DeadlyWarbler

    School list help: sGPA: 3.18, gradGPA: 3.77, MCAT:509, non-trad CA Resident

    Hey everyone! I would love to get feedback on my school list. I am a re-applicant for this year's cycle. I really want to optimize my school list based on my background. Thanks for your help! I am an older non-traditional student. Was not a particularly good undergrad (hence the low GPA), but...
  21. goldchallenge


  22. K

    Which option would be better??

    Hi all, Sorry if this is too long... I am an 8 year Army veteran. sGPA/cGPA ~3.0. My GPA in the specific prereqs is 3.87. All done while on active duty. I have a lot of undergrad credit hours so it is pretty much impossible for me to significantly raise my overall GPA. I applied to a few...
  23. saira.123

    Where to park my money for Med School (if I get in)?

    Seeking advice on options. I know I want to go to med school, but don't know if it will actually happen. I'm 34 and already have a career with more than half saved for tuition and other expenses Just wondering resources and/or specific ideas on where to park my money till then, if it can grow...
  24. A

    sGPA 3.8 MCAT 511 NC resident Peace Corps Volunteer

    Hey guys, So I am currently finishing my first year as a PCV and I'm debating on applying this cycle or not. I dont have a ton of freedom when it comes to travel to do interviews. I am more focused on NC schools (UNC/ECU Brody/Wake) but wondering what my chances are in general of getting...
  25. sadgeboi

    Looking for Advice From Non-Trads (Working Full Time and Weak Content Background)

    Hello everyone! So I will actually be an MCAT retaker. I tested this past March, but did very very poorly and want to start from scratch as I am weak in essentially every subject. My mistake was taking the test with a lot of content gaps in addition to being burnt out from other obligations...
  26. X

    What should I do?

  27. StackOfTurtles

    How to improve my non-trad chances in 5 hrs a week?

    I'm 30, and in my fifth year of a PhD program in the humanities. I'm writing my dissertation, and I *should* be done in June 2019. Meanwhile, I'm taking my MCAT June 1 and will apply to med schools this summer -- my state school is my #1 choice, but I have a short list of 5 other institutions to...
  28. Z

    Non-Traditional Student Advice - Prerequisites ...What are my chances?

    Hi everyone! 26 year old nontraditional student here. Graduated from a 4 year university back in 2013 with a double major in Economics and International Business. After graduating I played professional soccer for a couple years. Unfortunately that got cut short due to injuries. I now own my own...
  29. Postdoc2MD

    Advice on when to tell my PI about medical school

    Hello everyone, I am currently a postdoctoral fellow (PhD in a neuroscience-related field) and have decided to apply to medical school this cycle. I need to tell my PI about my decision at some point since a letter of recommendation from him would greatly help my application (and probably...
  30. A

    Accepted to BSN program but dreaming of Med School... HELP

    Hey everyone... New to this whole thing and would love some feedback. Some background... -Planned to go Pre-Med in high school but chickened out at last minute -Graduated in '13 with a Bachelors in Spanish instead (3.5 GPA) -Traveled around a lot, have struggled to get a good job since...
  31. R

    Career-change (CPA to MD): Post-Bacc Advice

    Hi All, I know there are many threads on this very topic but I wanted to try and gain some insight as it applies to my particular situation (although not entirely unique). I am a 26-year-old accountant that graduated with a Bachelors and Masters in Accounting concurrently in 2015, as well as...
  32. G

    Lower GPA Non-Trad...MD or PA?

    Hey everyone. Does a non-trad with a sub-3.0 GPA have a better chance at MD or PA school? I know my chances are low at both, and I know MD schools are generally more competitive. However, I have noticed most PA schools have a hard cut-off GPA of 3.0, but MD schools do not. I have had...
  33. M

    Entering EM as an older graduate

    Do forgive. I tried a search, but if this has been asked before then I apologize. I'm a non traditional student. Currently 27, will probably apply at 30 (prereqs), which puts me at 34 when I graduate. I am primarily interested Emergency Medicine. I'd like to do computer science and machine...
  34. MrsPolly

    Online pre-req classes for Cornell

    I've looked around and haven't specifically found the answer, but does anyone know if Cornell takes online classes as pre-reqs for vet school? I've reached out to admissions via email, but havent heard back yet. Long story short: I'm a college drop out from years past with a current (sales)...
  35. A

    To finish pre-reqs now or later

    Started high school at 17 & very naive, was toying with the idea of going PA or MD, got into a very competitive BSN program and decided to stick to that. I thought I was being smart by taking my pre-health pre-reqs since it'd save me time just in case I decided I wanted to pursue them (which at...
  36. H

    MD after PhD

    I've always aspired to be a family doctor, but I was a Dreamer and didn't have the right legal status to apply. Now I am a permanent resident, so I can apply. As I am finishing my PhD, I'm researching requirements, my weaknesses, strengths so that I can be a strong applicant. If you could give...
  37. I

    Non-Trad Stats / Need Advice

    Hello everyone on studentdoc! This is my first time posting (after months of ghost spectating the forums) here, and I was hoping to gain some insight/advice from any non-trad MD applicants about my path to an MD school. It has been my dream since childhood to become a doctor (as I'm sure you...
  38. C

    Nontrad international into US

    Im 21, currently studying in my EU home country. Im at a small uni in my second semester, working on a degree in environmental sciences, but Im also a certified dental assistant, and currently working on volunteering with Red Cross. I am hoping to eventually study medicine in the US. Im still...
  39. P

    Non-Traditional Student Seeking Advice!!

    Hey everyone! I'm hoping I can get some advice on my situation. I am 24 years old and majored in bio in college while claiming pre-med. After graduation I worked as a research assistant in a lab on a GI disease. This experience along with talking to many, many doctors guided me away from...
  40. C

    Non-Traditional Applicants - Still List College ECs?

    I attempted to search the non-traditional forums for an answer to this question, but only found a couple of related posts and they were at least >6 years old and slightly off topic, so I'm hoping someone will have a more current answer for me! (I hope it's okay to post in this forum and not...