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Apr 27, 2000
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What are the chances of having a realistic shot at an interview by taking the February 2002 OAT? I am going to send my application into SCO this week. What do you guys think I need on the OAT to get an interview with these stats at SCO: BBA - Accounting, BS - Biology, MBA - Health Care Administration Overall GPA = 3.3, Science GPA = 3.3. I have 3 years experience as an OR Tech & ER Tech. Currently in hospital administration. I guess I would be considered a non-traditional student. (That makes me feel old when I say that!!) Anyway, all feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Apr 25, 2001
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I don't know when SCO's cut off is for applications, but call them and ask. In most cases they want you to take the October OAT AT THE LATEST. It takes almost eight weeks to get the OAT graded and taking it in February will not get your scores there til late March early April AT THE EARLIEST! Most schools have already set their classes by then. Definitely call the school and find out. I think all three schools I applied to wanted you to take the October OAT at the latest. I know I'm rambling, test week does that to me. ;) 1 down 5 to go!
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