Dec 1, 2010
Hi, guys
what are the differents between HKMLE and LMCHK? I think I will join LMCHK, that's a license exam for all foreign graduated drs. as I know, LMCHK contains 3 parts. the first part is MCQs, the quizzes main for clinical knowledges (just a lil quizzes for basic science). the 2nd parts is medical english test, who's graduated from english system university/program don't need to take this. the 3rd part is clinical skills, contains short cases and long cases.
review the past results, seems usually only less than 10% can pass the first part(but 27% competitors passed 1st part this year), and abt 30% candidates pass the 3rd part. more than 160 prople join LMCHK each year, but finally less than 5-7 finished full exam.
1st part MCQs in both english and chinese. in the 3rd part, patients maybe speak cantonese but someone will translate to english for us.
I plan to take LMCHK after next year.(2012)

the guideline here
Aug 8, 2015
There are no official textbooks or syllabus for this exam.

However, there are notes and practice questions prepared by candidates who have passed the exam.

The level of this exam is somewhere close to that of postgraduate membership exams, so it is good to do the practice questions of the UK membership exams in medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, and paediatrics.

You could order questions from

Finding a study group also helps.

If you want to know more about the exam preparation experience from past candidates, or find study groups to join, you could email [email protected]