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What are the hardest subjects in Med school


Full Member
Jun 7, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
I'm trying to figure out what the hardest subjects are in medical school.
I would like to take similar (of course more basic) courses in undergrad that correlate so when I go to med school I'll have had a "primer" course and not trying to grasp the overall concepts as much but can rather focus on it being a more in depth and detailed review of what I had somewhat already covered.

So what are the hardest subjects in Med school typically?
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Full Member
7+ Year Member
Jul 17, 2014
  1. Medical Student
Although I haven’t started yet, I’d advise against this mindset. Short of Biochem and Histology (the former of which is becoming more and more common of a requisite, the latter of which is a great transition course, if you will), taking requirements specified by medical schools is really all you need to do.

Don’t torture yourself unnecessarily taking classes you don’t need to do (like I did). Take classes that interest you and that you enjoy. Everything else will shake out as needed.

Edit- To elaborate further: if you decide to "go the extra mile" and take highly advanced coursework beyond what is needed for your degree/med school, you are putting your application at unnecessary risk. If you take a grad level course like I did, and end up with a B or C, that will hurt your application way more than any kudos you think you deserve for taking the harder classes. I was the only undergrad in a grad level nervous system development course, and I ended up with a B-. I loved the content, but highly regret taking the class. Although I'm not an adcom member, I really doubt anyone saw that course level and thought to themselves "oh, I like his gumption". Adcoms don't really have a great way to compare "course difficulty" across applicants. They do have a way to compare how well you did in them though, and that's the letter grade you earn. Make it easy for yourself, and just do what you need to do.

Most medical schools only require 8-12 hours of Biology coursework. Don't take 50+ hours of advanced biology if you're only doing it to impress them, especially if you aren't going to get A's in all of them. It might give you a better look at how medical school will be, but the risk does not outweigh just acing your required coursework.
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You won’t be able to replicate a medical school curriculum, but here are some classes I really enjoyed in undergrad and grad school that I also saw again in medical school:

Anatomy (if your school has anatomy lab with cadavers/donors...take it!)
Developmental Biology/Embryology
Comparative Physiology
Biomedical Ethics
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