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Oct 31, 2000
None of your goddamn business!
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What the hell are the symbols under everyone's profile name. There is a scale, and a sign, and something else. What is up with the karma color. Most people are green and some people are blue. I wish I could figure this out, but if I were that smart I would've picked a career other then medicine. :scared: :horns:


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Jan 29, 2004
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the left most dot/bubble thing indicates whether you are currently logged in (green when online, blue/grey when not). The scale is the button others use to access the darn karma window. The exclamation point is the link to report a bad post. The blue/grey karma box indicates that you are actually on the negative side of the karma scale. More green karma boxes = most positive karma. That said, I've talked enough about a subject I dislike (the whole karma thing).

Oh, and other people have more symbols -- the little instant messenger man below mine indicates that my profile is linked to my IM username.
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Sep 25, 2003
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The exclamation point isn't on your own post, since you're not likely to turn yourself in for a bad post.
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