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What are your fears?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Gadfrog, Nov 19, 1999.

  1. Gadfrog

    Gadfrog Junior Member

    Nov 5, 1999
    As a future med student, I'd like to ask everyone here (both prospective and current students), what your biggest fear is regarding the profession you've so boldly determined to enter and how you've prepared to deal with it. Late hours? Emotionally and physically taxing experiences? Little appreciation for your best effort? I have a lot to hope for and probably even more to fear about my future -- but it hasn't stop me...and it hasn't stopped you either. Let's vent and maybe we can come to develop some great coping skills :)

    Good luck to all of us.

    Emory '04
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  3. hopefuldoc

    hopefuldoc Junior Member

    Nov 16, 1999
    des moines, ia, usa
    nice topic. I hope you dont mean that you have more to fear than look forward to. Excuse me if misinterpettred. Yes, this field is demanding and tough. but there is only tr
    he unknown and if you were accepted than someone must feel that you can handle it. Be patient it will come, but try not ot fear the unknown, embrace it and learn. As far as the work load goes I talk with many med students and interns etc and they say the 40 hr weekend i put in is harder than they work. Be optimistic, yet realistic and look forward to your wonderful journey. I am not lecturing you so please dont be offended. I hope you can smile. I am not saying this is easy but I try to put it all in perspective. take care.


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