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Apr 20, 2004

I would like to know from people who are interested in neurology that what kind of personalities are attracted to Neuro..what is it abt neuro that draws you..the research opprtunity?the laid back lifestyle? for brainy ppl and involves a lot of reading..

What attracted you to neurology in short..

I am currently deciding as to what speciality to choose.Neurology interests me a lot..I am more of a thinker....I love reading about brain & how it works..but I guess there is lot to the speciality than just still trying to find out something which will be most satisfying..

I am very friendly,love doing maths and puzzles,anything analytical, love reading extensively(actually addicted to it),love technology,computers & internet(NOT chatting:),(can spend the whole day at it for the rest of my life so do feel that I would be fit for radiology but being an IMG from India and not with stellar scores or research I realize thats impossible). I dont want to do IM because somehow I realise I dont like similar routine everyday....I get bored..I want to be challenged in my job & want to do something different
(Actually while in medical school I realised that it was a wrong career choice for me..I was more mathematical oriented but found medicine more glamerous as a profession..reason could be that my Dad was a surgeon...)..anyways now want to make best use of my MD and still wanna do something that I will love doing rest of my life..

Now am trying to find something different to do..not a day to day doctor-patient relationship...but still put my MD to use.

I think I might like Neuro(maybe will go in research ) or Pathology....still making up my mind though.

Can anybody plz advise me what all specialities to explore for a person like me..

Thanks .I will appreciate any reply.
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