What can I do in my year off before switching to Path?

Discussion in 'Pathology' started by Siamese, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. Siamese

    Siamese 2+ Year Member

    Dec 16, 2008
    A little about me- I am finishing an internship in psych and wanting to switch to path. Unfortunately, I decided I wanted to switch to path kind of late and missed last year's Match opportunity. So, I'll be finishing up internship and will have a year "off" before I could start Path in 2010. Could anyone give me any advice on what I could do in the meantime. I would not be eligible for moonlighting. Overall, I'm looking for something that would provide decent pay and an opportunity to really observe, learn, and engage in what pathologists do.
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  3. aaiyaah


    Jun 17, 2009
    Me too!

    I used to be a family intern but quit during my intern year. Bad move career wise, I know, but I had to save my sanity. I'm wondering what my chances are to get into path. I heard the cut off for the schools I'm interested in are 80 for the steps. I got a 78 on the first one. but did ok on the second. I did one path rotation in med school. Now I'm just waiting around to apply to path. I am doing some hlth info classes while I wait though to kill time.

    I'm trying to find research volunteer opps in path, but no such luck. I can't even get into the observerships cause I already did a rotation at one place, and at the other places they don't offer it or they closed it.

    I'm really worried that I won't make the cut. Should I throw in the towel if I made two points below the usual cut off? I haven't got any other things to show I'm a stellar path applicant. =(

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