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Jul 17, 2002
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Hi everyone. I decided it's time to switch from the pre-dental to the actual dental boards since I'm actually STARTING dent school next week...............

I have question. The school I'm going to had a very high number of drop-outs/fail-outs last year. In your opinions, in your classes, how many failed out and why?

But the bigger question is: What could these people have done to succeed....were they just incompetent? Didn't try very hard? Had personal problems hindering their success? Just gave up?

Have to admit I'm a little worried.....I would really appreciate everyone's input on how to make it.



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Jul 24, 2002
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My class (UB SDM 2004) started with 89 students in our freshman class. No one dropped out, two had to repeat the first year because they did not do well in Gross Anatomy, and one transferred to the dental school at the University of Toronto.

I think my class as a whole simply had intestinal fortitude to see it through. :D Perhaps the fact that my class have a lot of older students (more mature) have something to do with it.

The class that followed mine (UB SDM 2005) lost 7 students... They got a lot more young folks than my class. Plus I think the hassles that comes with the new electronic textbook curriculum (work in progress, not ready for prime time) is probably a contributing factor.

Griffin04 is a lot more involved with student body polity at my school and she could probably elaborate a bit more..

Now if you are looking for tips on how to survive your first year, I have a few...

1) DON'T FALL BEHIND. Miss just one lecture in an intensive class like Gross Anatomy, and you will spend the rest of the semester trying to catch up.

2) Get your hands on as many old exams as you can. Instructors usually don't have time to write new test questions every year, so they recycle many old ones.

Good luck!
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