Sep 4, 2015
I've been a lurker on this forum for not that long now. I apologize if I am posting this is the wrong section.

My issue is that I had graduated high school last year in 2014 and attended college during the Fall of 2014. I had a great start and made it through with great grades. However when finals week started I had a meltdown due to personal reasons and couldn't show up to the exams.

My grades suffered terribly and my entire semester was wasted. I couldn't take it and had to take the spring semester off. My Gpa from that one semester came to a 1.3. I will be starting school again this semester and am looking to retake most if not all my classes. I know that I can get solid grades. I am wondering what my chances are for medical school. What can I do to bring my Gpa up? Is transferring to a community college something I should look into? Or should I stay at my current college and retake those classes? I am completely lost. My heart feels as though it is shattered and the more I think about my Gpa the more I just want to give up. Any guidance or tips would be great.

Thank you all.


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Jun 10, 2010
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1) fix the issues that caused you to crater.
2) see if you can get a retroactive withdrawal
3) retake all your classes and ace them
4) ace things from now on to show that the disaster was a fluke
5) see #1 again. And develop good coping skills. Medical school is a furnace and I've seen it break even healthy students.
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