May 3, 2015
Quick question. When people record their timeline, and say "submitted", what precisely do they mean? I have looked through a few threads and not seen a definite answer. Do they mean, that they clicked the "submit" button, and their AMCAS is being verified? Or do they mean that their AMCAS has been verified and thus it has been submitted to the medical schools?

One of the reasons I am curious is because, for certain reasons, I was not able to / chose not to apply in June, and have instead submitted it in the first week of August (because one school took a month to send/process their transcript). In hindsight, that was not a good choice. But, I am thus wondering if I am seriously prejudiced by the lateness of the application, which will most likely be verified by the end of August. Thus I need to know what "submitted" precisely refers to.


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Usually people differentiate between "submitted" (which would be what you're describing) and "complete," which is when they are ready to be reviewed by a school. For practical purposes, the complete date is what is actually relevant to you, since you can submit your application very early but still not be complete until later due to a variety of factors.


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Feb 27, 2013
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If you are referring to school specific threads, then it is when the applicant submits the secondary.

Complete, as said above, is when the school completes your file (app, MCAT, LOR, fee, secondary) and informs you that your application is ready for the admissions committee.
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Jul 1, 2015
From what I've seen on MDApps: Submitted, Verified, Complete, Interview Invite, Attended/Withdrew, Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted, Matriculating
May 3, 2015
Whoops. Seems like--to quote the SDN info currently on the screen--that "A moment ago" another person responded. So, I thank the three of you.
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