What do you do after you move out of state for school?


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Aug 8, 2003
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If the school you'll be attending is private and doesn't offer an in-state discount (or the state is just difficult to reclassify under), what do you do? Can you keep your old driver's license? Do you have to get a new license? Can you keep both? Would it be better to keep a California Residency for any reason after you matriculate (i've heard it doesn't help even if you want to come back to CA to do your residency)?
I'm quite confused as to what to do after the move....


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Nov 6, 2003
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I'm not sure about the California residency helping you or not.

but as a former out-of-state student in undergrad if you want to get a car and insurance in your new state, then you must get a new driver's license.

That's no big deal, b/c if you want to keep your California residency the license is only 1 of many things they look at to determine your residency status: i.e. voters registration, where you pay taxes, etc.

hope this helps
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