Medical What Do You Need to Know to Get Accepted to a Physician Assistant (PA) Program?

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Your goal is to complete a top physician assistant program and move into a dynamic and exciting professional role as a PA. What are the steps you need to take to achieve this goal? What can you do to sharpen your competitive edge and get noticed from the overflowing applicant pool? What can you do to increase your chances of acceptance?

To get into a top physician assistant program, you will need to:

  • Choose the best PA programs for you to apply to.
  • Learn what 5 qualities PA admissions committees look for in applicants.
  • Understand what your PA personal statement needs to include to impress the adcom.
  • Find out tips for acing your PA interview.
To help you accomplish these steps to PA success, we’ll send you a copy of our new admissions guide, The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Physician Assistant,written by healthcare admissions expert Alicia McNease Nimonkar. In the guide, you’ll find 12 professional tips covering the important steps above, that will teach you how to create an application that truly presents you at your best, most competitive self.

Are you ready to prove to the adcom that you’ve got what it takes to succeed at their program? Get the expert advice you need when you download The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Physician Assistant.


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