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Oct 20, 2007
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hey everyone, i'm new here. i'm interested in gas, but its hard to gauge the likelihood of matching as an IMG from what i read. I am an american citizen with multiple undergrad and graduate degrees (pharmacology)from the states, but i chose to go to med school at an american program abroad (not carribean). I'm an MS3 and i think i want to match in anesthesiology, and would like a little input about my "fitness" as a candidate from my credentials thusfar:

step 1: 226/94 . . . grades are mediocre but my school claims they don't rank us. i expect good letters of rec.

will my step 1 score get me interviews? i'm coming back to the states for my 4th year electives. any advice as to how i can help myself in the pursuit of a gas residency?

thanks everyone, i hope i can get some feedback or comments. good luck to everyone on the application trail

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your step on will get you interviews. try to do as well as possible on step two and take it early if you can. apply widely. do some rotations here in the states at a few programs that you think you might want to go to. where is there an american program abroad that is not in the carribean....? didn't know such things existed.