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What gets interview invites the quickest?

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by WilliamC93, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. I'm just curious about what causes one to get an interview invite over another. I wasn't going to make a thread about this, but my curiosity has overtaken.

    I am an Oregon resident and go to University of Oregon, a quarter system school. I applied to 6 schools this cycle: OHSU, Colorado, ASDOH, UCSF, Harvard, and Utah. My stats are a 3.8 oGPA and 3.9 sGPA and a 25 AA DAT. I have a killer personal statement, 150 TA/Lab assistant hours, 80 community service hours, and 60 hours job shadowing. So far I have gotten one interview (ASDOH). My mail out date was June 23rd.

    I understand that it is still fairly early, but as I look through the official interview thread, countless people have gotten interviews at these schools with either a much later mail-out date, GPA and DAT scores, or both. I'm curious because I heard somewhere that Dental schools don't like quarter systems as the classes don't roll over properly or are too short to mean anything. I couldn't really help that. Anyway, thoughts?
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  3. cacajuate

    cacajuate 5+ Year Member

    Aug 27, 2012
    Maybe its because you are too modest.
  4. 2THDDS

    2THDDS 2+ Year Member

    Jul 26, 2014
    you deserve more love from schools IMHO but maybe they are just taking their time. It's not your stats that's holding you back, I am sure you will get your invites sooner or later.
    They can't pass you up.
  5. jeffity

    jeffity 7+ Year Member

    Oct 23, 2009
    If there were 100 criteria on how they select people to interview, quarter vs semester would probably be 99. 100 would be something ridiculous I'm too tired to think of right now.

    OHSU is super slow, from what I gather and my own experience. They'll come around. Colorado is one person in admissions and they do things kind of weird (big Saturday interviews...not that many interview dates) and I recall some CO reseidnts themselves being handled oddly. Plus, they really aren't OOS friendly. I know stats are hot, but that's always still a risk, even for the best. UT, well, you know their seat situation and how they're pretty much for UT students and a couple for OOS (someone mentioned it somewhere on here). UCSF and Harvard I know nothing about it. SO...hang tight. Even though that's a small list of schools, I'm just guessing that you'll interview at a few and get into at least one of those. I understand the concern though.
  6. Yeah I guess I didn't really look into the OOS friendliness of schools other than Colorado. Thanks!
  7. DATtestTho


    Jun 17, 2014
    Maybe adcoms think all you are is a great set of grades without any other substance. You have any worthwhile ECs?
  8. Glimmer1991

    Glimmer1991 5+ Year Member

    May 5, 2012
    It took a while for both of my state schools to invite me for last year. I applied first batch. Gauging by my experiences on "acceptance day," I don't think it was because they necessarily had any apprehension about my application... but heck, maybe it was!

    Schools just do things in their own time. It can be frustrating, but it will work out. Just know you're not the only one who's been there!

    Just to be safe, though, how about adding 3-4 schools? At this point last year, I had already attended one interview at a school I greatly liked, so I didn't add any more. However, if I were in your shoes, I'd be adding a few to my list. Even post-December interviews would be better than nothing!

    Here's another thing I'd do. I'd e-mail the schools to express your continued interest and ask if there is anything you can do at this point to strengthen your application or address any questions they may have about it. Within that e-mail, I'd also include any pertinent updates to your application. I did this in early October last year, and I certainly don't think it hurt! Right now isn't peak time for new applications to be rolling in, so your e-mail shouldn't just be passed over. PM me if you want help writing it.
  9. Yeah I was hoping that my stats would let me get away with only applying to schools I'd want to live at and save me money, but I think I will add a few more. I was considering calling, would emailing be more recommended?
  10. Yeah thats the thing, I know that I do have a lot of meaningful, more personal EC/hobbies, but nothing I could put down on a resume, so it looks kinda like you said..
  11. xerxes106

    xerxes106 2+ Year Member

    Dec 11, 2013
    Sure grades and scores are fantastic, but are your community service hours really as high as they should be? 80 hours total? I feel like a lot of people squeeze out hundreds over the course of just their college careers......maybe adcoms see that I think it's low, just my $.02

    And as for job shadowing, doesn't OHSU require 70 to be considered?
  12. Is it 70? Last I heard it was 50 but I didn't do my research. Oh I know, isn't great, but it really was just something I didn't think about as much as others. I was just going with the flow and doing my school work, hobbies, hanging out, when I should have been more focused on it, but I guess I din't see 80 hours as that bad haha
  13. xerxes106

    xerxes106 2+ Year Member

    Dec 11, 2013
    You were focused enough to crush undergrad, get a 4.0 and 25AA but you didn't check to see the requirements of the schools? Cmon! There's thousands of people who would kill to have those stats you can't get cocky and apply places without checking!
  14. asusundevilll


    Jun 3, 2014
  15. I just checked and it says 50 hours. Well I remember seeing 50 hours so I figured it was 50 hours haha
  16. csudental

    csudental Banned Banned Account on Hold

    May 31, 2014
    most of OHSU are from ohio except few from OOS and they give prefer to their state
    last year at UC Davis pre-health their representative mention that
  17. Oh the OHSU I'm talking about is in Oregon haha
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  18. csudental

    csudental Banned Banned Account on Hold

    May 31, 2014
    my bad don't worry you will get an interview with these stats especially Oregon is a public school and you're Oregon resident
  19. I just saw your DAT break through. Nice Job! How many schools did you apply to, and how many interviews did you get?

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