Sep 3, 2012
I know the consensus for gpa repair is to "retake any F/D/C science courses," but what do I do if my low grades in the past are from non-science courses? My sGPA according to AACOMAS is currently 3.5, but my cGPA is 2.8 (both will hopefully improve further over the next year).

Do Osteopathic schools really want me to retake Accounting and Economics classes from 8 years ago? What about math and computer science? I'm willing to do it if that would be the best way to prove that I'm capable of handling medical school, but I'm not sure. If it will save me from getting screened out, then it might be worth it.

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Apr 4, 2014
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I would retake any C/D/F classes if it was financially feasible and had a decent impact on my cGPA. That's just me though.
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Jun 15, 2008
I currently have a cGPA 3.06 and a sGPA 3.65. Though I believe I have a strong science based GPA, I do believe my low cGPA will hinder me from getting secondary's & interviews from some places. The D's and F's I received were from 10 years ago and I for sure intend to go back and repair those grades. When in doubt, fix your mistakes and you will feel much better :).
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Sep 3, 2013
Depends on how many classes you'd have to retake, how relevant they are to med school, how long you want to delay applying. If you're talking about a handful of classes, I'd say go for it and retake; if it's more than 8, probably not worth it. I'd think that taking upper level hard science courses would give greater support to the reinvention story than Macroeconomics I, etc.