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Aug 30, 2003
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Does anyone know what happens if you get off of a waitlist after you've already started at another school. For example, lets say you start a program that begins the first week of August. Then your first choice accepts you the last week of August because they don't begin until Sept.

Can you withdraw and attend the other school? Is it too late? When schools take you off their waitlist do they consider this? I mean will they pull you sooner, if they want you, if they know that you are starting a school that begins early in the season? Also, if you can transfer, what happens with financial aid, if you've started to attend another school?


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Oct 6, 2002
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Once you have matriculated at a school, you have to withdraw all of your waitlist positions. You are not allowed to begin at one school and then switch to another.
My advice would be to make sure that the school you are waitlisted at (and begins later) knows that you really want to come to their school and that you can only hold out until Aug. X.
I did this last year with Rush and I don't know if it helped me but I was accepted well before the other schools started.
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