What if your plans don't work out?

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Aug 25, 2008
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So you know how a lot of secondaries ask you what you plan to do in your year off and you write about in your response? What happens if what you plan to do does not work out? Do you have to let the schools know that your plans aren't working out or should you just not say anything and if you get asked about it in an interview you tell them then?

Specifically I planned on working for two tutoring companies during my year off and I was in fact hired by both these companies. The first one is for the "no child left behind" program but the problem with this program is the funding is not always there and as such a lot of the classes get canceled. The opportunities to work are so few and far between and the two times I've signed up, the school districts canceled. The second company also has very few opportunities. I've only tutored one student.

However because I've had a lot of free time, I've been shadowing my family pediatrician three to four times a week in addition to volunteering at a hospital once a week.

So again... do I have to let schools know or not?