Medical What is my outlook for this cycle, and should I start preparing for re-applying next year?

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Jun 11, 2010
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I am a WI resident, and applied to four schools in total this year (UW-Madison, MCW, Penn State, and OUWB). Last week I received a rejection from UW, and previously I was small-pooled at MCW and have not heard anything back from Penn State and OUWB. I have a 3.55 cGPA, with a 3.4 sGPA. I pursued PT as an undergrad, so I have a ton of volunteering in physical therapy patient oriented programs, but little to no volunteering in medical fields. I have about 100 hours of shadowing physicians (primary care and internal medicine), and have worked at a hospital as a HUC for ~4000 hours.

What would you recommend?
You need to apply to at least 20-30 schools.
If finances are an issue, then work for several years and save up the money.

The GPAs are weak for MD schools and your best shot was with U WI. You also didn't mention your MCAT score, so it's impossible to determine how competitive a candidate you are.

Next time have more DO schools on the list.

You didn't mention nonclinical volunteering; if you don't have that, then get > 150 hours of service to others less fortunate than yourself.

To become a more competitive candidate for MD, I suggest an SMP or DIY postbac. Read this:
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