What is the best MCAT prep book and resource for an absolute beginner who recently started studying for the MCAT?

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Jan 9, 2022
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Hey everyone,
I am going to start my journey in studying for the MCAT taking this august. I was wondering what is the best MCAT prep book/ resources that can be used to boost my score up to 520. Please let me know.

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The best place to start is with the AAMC Guide to the MCAT. It is the ONLY book that gives you the exact rundown of what is on the MCAT and how the questions are asked. No commercial prep book is as helpful as that book. Once you've worked your way through that book, then you can start hunting for practice questions from the various resources.

WildWing just invested a whole ton of time putting together a list of materials in the 2023 version of the 100-Day SDN schedule. That is a good thing to check out once you are done with the AAMC guide. The truth is that what is best for one person is not the best for another, because we all learn differently. Before you look for a study plan, assess what you honestly need for YOU. Know how you study, how you best learn, and how much content review versus realistic practice (for building test-taking skills) you need.

There is also a thread about what people who scored 509 and higher used. It's worth checking that one out, because you'll discover many different successful approaches. Good luck!
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