What is the crappiest job and best job you had before deciding on med school?

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Worst- McDonald's shift manager-Oh, the horrors of fry grease and angry customers!

Best -McDonald's shift manager -Oh, the joys when my only worries were fry grease and angry customers!

Also best - charge nurse working with docs who are supportive of me going to med school, yay!

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Before deciding on med school:

Best job: soldier--was an Air Defense radar mechanic. Very exciting job, except for the time when the XO thought it was funny to fry me with the radar. They would fry birds with the radar and watch them drop dead (ha, ha.) When I found out I got fried, I marched into the CP van and proceeded to cuss the XO out.

Worst job: soldier--during the Gulf War I got transferred to another unit and had to work in the motor pool. I spent my days servicing big trucks and packing the ball bearings with grease. The military still had a lot of underground sexism, and so the "boys" would make me take off and put back on these gigantic dualie tires all by myself. 'Cause if you want to roll w/ the big boys, you need to be able to put a gigantic double tire almost as tall as you on yourself, even though they helped each other out.

After deciding on med school:

Best and worst job: working in a research lab. I loved the science but the relative lack of human interaction drove me nuts.

But my all-time bestest job: SAHM
Worst soul-draining job ever: I was in telephone sales, and someone answered the phone pretending to be an answering machine.

Person: Hello?
Me: Hello, I'm calling from *****, and....
Person: Please leave a message after the tone. BEEEP (she made the sound "beep" with her voice)
Me: Uhh...thank you. <click>
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Worst: (While in college for the 1st degree)

#1 - Pig Barn - had to be there before the sun was up and litterally scrape and wash the crap out of the barn. (Concrete floors inside and out) There is nothing like the July sun coming up and hitting the dew on top of pig crap to open your nostrils. My roomates would not let me enter the house with my clothes on or wash my clothes at home, so I had to strip down to my underware on the porch, go inside to shower, then go to a laundry mat to wash daily.

#2 - Dairy production plant - Not quite as early as dairy farmers, we only had to be at work at 4:30. Washing the machines with water at boiling temp (hose was 1/4 inch thick). Even wearing ear protection, I could not hear people at normal levels for a hour after work. And making cheese, for those of you who like cheese, I will not go into the process.

Mind you, for both of these jobs, I was a 19y/o male with many older friends in Frat's. At least a third of the time, I never went to sleep before going to work.

Best Job: (While in college for the second degree)

ABG/EKG tech for a Level I Trauma center - carry code and trauma pagers covering the entire hospital. Being one of eight people around a body in the middle of a trauma and sticking and hitting the artery and having the head of trauma say "Nice", walking on clouds is nice.
And making cheese, for those of you who like cheese, I will not go into the process.

No need, I saw that one on Dirty Jobs. :eek:

I still like cheese, though.
WORST, hands down, no questions asked: Greenpeace (I actually had to leave my post while on my first shift to throw up)

BEST: egyptologist
WORST, hands down, no questions asked: Greenpeace (I actually had to leave my post while on my first shift to throw up)

BEST: egyptologist

seriously? i did greenpeace one summer after college, it sucked but i can't remember puking lol

WORST: Maintenance at medical school. Medical students were so up their own a**es and downright rude and condescending to non-medics. The lecturers were less rude and the professors quite decent.
Interesting seeing bits of the prossection lectures, disection

BEST: R&D for a Telecom operator (it was well paid, good conditions and more importantly I was working in a team.
BEST = working for a local municipality. Though I was threatened with a baseball bat, assaulted, threatened numerous times with assault and had to deal with some very challenging people I thrived on the customer interaction and resolving their problems. Otherwise rubbish pay, conditions and lacking in mental stimulation.

The temp job I'm doing now is just metal bashing and I don;t see a soul from morning to night. :(

Like Jinx I've worked in jobs (another telco R&D role) where I loved the science but the total lack of human interaction drove me nuts. There was so little people contact I was seen in the lab and walking across campus thinking aloud [talking to myself, but not in a bad way] :laugh:

I didn't write "team worker" and "seeking customer facing role" etc on my resume for no good reason.:rolleyes: Feh, agencies.
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i forgot one...
i was a hostess as a sketchy hostess club..