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Oct 14, 2011
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Hey guys,

I am a Junior at Rutgers University and I will be applying as soon as the application cycle begins in June.

My DAT scores are: PAT- 20 , QR- 19, RCT- 20, BIO- 19, GC- 22, OC- 25 ,TS- 21, AA- 21

My Overall GPA is 3.93, and my Science GPA is 3.75. I have done research for 2 years.
Experience: I have 100+ shadowing hours and I am a SMDEP Alumni. **I am NOT a minority.**

What kinds of schools should I be looking to get into? And do I have any shots at the top schools like UPenn?

I greatly appreciate the feedback :)


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Mar 3, 2011
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we have very similar stats, minus the research (but with a decent amt of volunteering) haha: how many schools are you thinking of applying to? I might go for 15 just to be safe... from what I have gathered from this site, apply to your state school if you have one, and then check out the other state schools with high-ish OOS acceptances, then throw in a few privates to top it off!


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Dec 1, 2011
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I think 15 is a little much, but you can always do that if you don't feel comfortable.

The biggest thing with applying is to apply smartly. Make sure that every school you apply to (outside of your state schools) is out of state friendly, you match their stats, etc. I had similar stats to you, but I only had a 19 (AA & TS, even lower PAT) on the DAT and I got 5 interviews from applying to 9 schools. The 4 interviews I didn't get were my "safe" schools... BU, Tufts, Temple...

So, just apply smartly. You've got a great shot if you do this.

For example, VCU is a very good school in my opinion that is very OOS friendly. You could possibly have a shot at UPenn, but never get your hopes up with places like that. Your state school is your best bet. I got lucky with having such a great state school, UNC, which I am going to be attending.
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Apr 28, 2010
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You should have a good selection to choose from. I had similar stats (3.9, 22 AA) and got accepted to 7 out of 7 schools that I did interviews with (ASDOH, U of Mich, UCSF, Columbia, Penn, Nova, Maryland). Good Luck!
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