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Sep 24, 2004
im looking for realistic impressions from individuals applying or already in an integrated position. Its easy to identify what an ideal applicant would look like but i would like to know reasonable impressions for the following areas:

1. Prestige of Medical school? does this really make a difference... for example Harvard, Penn or Columbia do programs really appreciate this?

2. Board Scores? reasonable range for an interview.... estimates of lows and potential cuttoffs? what is an ok score and what is really impressive ( of course 265 is impressive!)

3. Importance of research in plastics? publications are they necessary how much do they help?

4. Honors in classes? I heard that AOA= automatic interview???

well thats it... remember i really dont want any responses from people who dont know what they are talking about or are just transmitting something they heard from a friend... so check yourself.... ;)